Landlord Insurance
Essential Insurance for Landlords & Tenants

Insurance is crucial to managing any property, whether you're a landlord or a tenant. It provides financial protection against unforeseen events and liabilities, giving peace of mind to both parties involved. This article will explore various insurance policies tailored for landlords and tenants, including Landlord Insurance, Buildings Insurance, Tenant Content Insurance, and Rent Protection.

Identifying and addressing the health risks associated with damp and mould in the home

Damp and mould in the home can pose a serious risk to health, especially for those who are already vulnerable, such as the elderly, young children, and people with chronic health conditions.

Reform Bill
Renters Reform Bill: Government Concession on Section 21

The UK government has announced a concession on Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988, which allows landlords to evict tenants without giving a reason.

Bed Bugs
Managing Bed Bugs in Rented Homes: Who's Responsible?

The responsibility for managing bed bugs in rented homes varies depending on the jurisdiction. However, in general, the landlord is responsible for providing habitable housing, which means that the property must be free of pests. If bed bugs are present in the property at the start of the tenancy, the landlord is usually responsible for extermination.

Smiling couple is sitting on floor relaxing after moving in, drinking coffee in their new apartment, around them boxes with unpacked things, husband embraces his wife and looks at each other happily
Renter's EPCs to be 'relaxed' - How Will This Affect Landlords?

In July 2023, UK Housing Secretary Michael Gove said that the government should 'relax the pace' of EPC reforms expected from private landlords. This was in response to concerns about the cost and feasibility of upgrading rental properties to meet the minimum energy efficiency rating of C by 2028.

In hard times, how can you survive rising mortgage rates?
In hard times, how can you survive rising mortgage rates?

As we are all well aware, the rising interest rates are having a significant impact on mortgage and rent payments. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a homeowner who is worried about falling behind, here is what you need to do if you’re worried about falling behind and you’re looking to get onto the housing ladder for the first time.

So, what do you do if your fixed-rate mortgage is ending?