Application Forms

This application should take 10-20 minutes to fill in

This Form does not save data until completed.

To apply for a property you’ve viewed through Harris & Co. Please complete the form below, ensuring thorough details are provided. An additional information section is available at the form’s end if needed. Please include ALL details for the application and not on a follow-up email.

It’s crucial to highlight that the intentional submission of false information in your application is treated with extreme seriousness and may lead to the outright rejection of your application, extending to any future applications with Harris & Co.

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, there could be multiple applications being processed for the property at the same time (We do not charge a holding fee). The process involves two referencing stages, with only select applicants progressing to the second stage. Notification of advancement to the second stage will be sent via email. Ultimately, the property’s landlord will decide on your application.

The application process typically spans a few weeks due to necessary checks and requirements this could be long if the relevant documents have been produced first. A minimum expected processing time of two weeks.

For further inquiries about the application process, please contact our office at 01253 876515 or via email at